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We are committed to bring the best wine experience 

Donaldson Trading LLC was founded with the purpose to bring the highest level of wine taste from the world into your glass. We are working with the finest wine suppliers and brand owners in the world. Our wine portfolio has been selected for their authenticity, traditions and historical renown vineyards. 

We have the experience, the team and the resources  to grow and prosper; combine with our knowledge and professionalism, to deliver and achieve a five stars service to our distributors and suppliers. 

We are dedicated to develop a long-term relationship with all our suppliers and distributors. Our main goal is to build strong methods to accomplish the best in the wine market. 



To find the best wine on earth, in order to provide the world a better taste.


Be part of our partners and brand owners growth, so we can help the wine market to progress around the world.


Giving the best wine experience to our customers throughout innovative techniques, traditions, and services.

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